”Drink Organic Wine? Yes. Because Your Wine Should Be Natural, Too.” by Lauren Barnard, Founder & Owner, Kampala Wines

It may come as a surprise, but your bottle of wine could be holding a little secret. There is more in it than just grapes! Unlike our food products, alcoholic beverages are not required to feature an ingredients list on the bottle. And domestic and international regulating bodies allow an alarming number of additives to be put into these beverages, including wine, without disclosure.

After some serious research into organic wine and tasting many along the way, I became obsessed with finding them and drinking them all of the time. They are so delicious! With so many committing to organic food, why aren’t we also considering organic with our drinks, especially wine? It’s because they can be so hard to find because there are no ingredients labels. As such, I started Kampala Wines to provide an all-organic shop to people who, like me, want their wine to be natural, just like my food. 

Kampala Wines—an Online Retailer of Organic Wine

Kampala Wines was born with the vision of bringing natural wines into the mainstream as the new wine drinking norm. We are based out of San Francisco and ship to 42 states. We have an online shop, a wine club, and do wine event planning.

Organic vs. Non-Organic: You Can See the Difference

Look at this photo. Each grown just a few feet apart from one another in Le Marche, Italy, the vineyard on the left is grown using conventional farming methods. Pesticides and unnatural fertilizers are used to grow the grapes. Even grass is unable to flourish in this environment.

The vineyard on the right uses organic and Biodynamic farming methods. Here, the vineyard is thriving with life. Green grass, insects, lizards and all sorts of other lifeforms are all working together to get what they need while also feeding the vines themselves. Talk about harmony!

But How Does Organic Wine Taste?

It tastes amazing! Earthly benefits aside, growing organic creates an environment for some super delicious grapes to follow. Because all of the vitamins and nutrients found in the soil end up in the grapes, organic vineyards means more complexity in the soil, which means more complexity in your wine. Also, organic wines many times are not fined or filtered. That means, more complexity in the bottle. And, that makes for a more happy you. 

Building a Community of Organic Wine Lovers

Our community of customers and friends are a group of thoughtful, interesting, and creative people who love wine and all of the memories it can help make. I hope you join us! Learn more at http://www.kampalawines.com

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