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We would like to honor and remember those who have served, are serving, and have fallen while protecting our country and American citizens. Their sacrifice is an inspiration, and we do not take the simple freedom of enjoying wine for granted!

Committed to supporting and celebrating those that have served or are serving, and dedicated to the continued growth and development of our Brothers and Sisters in uniform by providing a premium wine selection in Honor of them. With every glass of Honor that is raised, we also raise and commemorate all those who proudly serve our country.

This week's spotlight is on those who serve, as well as Honor Winery. Honor wines are created as a tribute to the young men and women who serve our country. A portion of every bottle sold will be given to families who have lost a loved one and/or been severly injured in action. Let's all spread Honor by purchasing a bottle (or two), celebrating our freedom, and raising our glasses today, and always, as we honor the men and women of our Armed Forces. -- Cheers!

Photo Cred: VAULT29 App

Photo Cred: VAULT29 App

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