Harvest 2015 is underway!  To fully appreciate the art of winemaking, VAULT29 is taking you behind the scenes during the busiest - and most exciting - time of year in wine country. This week, Central Coast favorite Laetitia Vineyards & Winery gives us an exclusive look at the 2015 Sparkling Wine production. 

The first fruit of the season, Chardonnay, arrive at the winery and are destined for sparkling wine production.

The harvest workers are shoveling the fruit to make for even pressing

The fruit is being pressed in Coquard basket presses, the only two of their kind in North America

When the Cuvee valve is open, that means that is the cleanest juice or the first press Otherwise known as the cuvee.

VP of Production and Sparkling Winemaker Dave Hickey checking the brix (sugar levels) on the juice to make sure it’s where he likes it.

The fruit after it is pressed, will next head back to the vineyard to be used as compost.

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