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From Costumes to Decor to Appetizers - A #Halloween Party for the #Winelover

From Costumes to Decor to Appetizers - A #Halloween Party for the #Winelover


Looking for a quick DIY wine costume, a duos "pairing" costume, or a "I'm-not-the-dress-up-kind" of wine lover costume? We've got you  covered with costumes that are sure to be a hit without breaking the bank.


1 - GRAPES - As seen on Pinterest

What you need: balloons, safety pins, and leafy headband from a local craft store.

2 - WINE BOTTLE - As seen worn by Lady Gaga in this SNL skit

What you need: A dress or appropriate top/bottom, craft cork, grapes, leaves, scissors, safety pins

3 - THE DISTRIBUTOR - As seen on Pinterest

What you need: Box wine, tape, a backpack, dixie cups, and dixie cup holder.

4 - WINE & CHEESE PAIRING (for a duo) - As seen on Amazon

What you need: Approximately $40

5 - GLASS OF BUBBLY - As seen on Pinterest

What you need:  

    • The "bottle" - Green (or pink for rosé) table cover, floral sheeting, and paper
    • The "bubbles" - Small white (or pink for rosé) balloons and fake pearls on wire
    • The "cork" - Bubble wrap and gold tissue paper for the
    • A glue gun to put it all together

    4 - TRICK OR TREAT FOR WINE T-SHIRT (for the "I'm-not-the-dress-up-kind) 

    Hers: As seen on  & His: as seen on Amazon

    What you need: Approximately $20

    A party isn't a party without decor,  good eats, and, of course,  WINE! If you're hosting a party, we have simple suggestions making sure your Halloween party is a hit!


    PUMPKIN WINE CHILLER - As seen on Pinterest

    What you need: Multiple punpkins (for multiple bottles of wine), pumpkin carving kit, ice

    HALLOWEEN WINE GLASSES - As seen on Etsy  - up to $80

    Hint: Red solo cups may work for your budget too

    VAMPIRE BLOOD SIPPERS - As seen on Pinterest

    What you need: plastic syringes and red wine

    BLOODY TABLE CLOTH - As seen on Home Designs

    What you need: white fabric, red food coloring or red sharpe marker, and a table cloth

    HALLOWEEN WINE BOTTLES - Trio (pinterest); Mummy 

    What you need:

    • For the trio: (empty) wine bottles (one clear for the ghost), orange & black spray paint, Silver and black sharpe/marker
    • For the Mummy: wine bottle, cloth (medical) tape, googly eyes, and glue


    SCARY MEAT HEAD PLATTER - As seen on Women's Day

    What you need: plastic skeleton head, thinly sliced ham and proscuitto, olives w/pimento


    We'd love for you to share your Halloween Wine experiences in the VAULT29 app. Use hashtag #VAULT29Halloween on each post (itunes only).  Don't have an iphone, no worries. Simply tag @VAULT29app on your Instagram posts using hashtag #VAULT29Halloween & sign up for the android release here.

    Hint: It's OK to Trick or Treat and ask for wine! We will be giving away a bottle of wine to a lucky winner, selected at random November 1, 2015 (must be 21 & live in the US). Post away & Happy Halloween!