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Romancing the Wine

You might say we here at Romililly Wines (all two of us) are on the romantic side of things. We certainly do not take the little things for granted. This was singed into our brains at an early age… long story, but let’s just say we lived in a certain bus, in a certain rural place, for a certain amount of time, as children.

We know much of any business is sales, and up-selling what romance can squeezed out of a product, but wine is a little different. If you have ever walked in a vineyard, been in a winery during harvest, or in the cellar deep in a wine cave, you know exactly what I am talking about.  There is an energy associated with these places- hard to define, but real nonetheless.

The French have the term Terroir to help explain the magic of a grape growing region or vineyard site. It is the essence of the land which is translated into the grape and, therefore, into the wine. I have heard it expressed as “Earth Energy.” I have heard people limit its definition to the weather and soil, but imagine if the vineyard were under the route of migrating duck… will this affect the bug population, fertilize the soil, etc.? Every little factor counts, to some degree.

I take the romance a step further and remind you that, just like every breath you take can never be taken again, so is this true with every sip of wine? Every day the unopened bottle is different. The bottle on the top of the stack is different from the bottle on the bottom. Once you open that 750ml of love, the change that happens, happens faster… now it is blooming and opening up. Every swirl unlocks more aromas until finally it is over the hill (assuming you drink too slow) and the wine is no longer wine, but maybe closer to something my mom left on the counter for cooking a month ago.

All I am trying to say is, enjoy every sip- You’ll never have that one again, or that one, or that one. If you open that bottle of wine today versus tomorrow the wine, your mood, the food, and your mouth will all be different than it would have been today.

Here is to the romance in wine.