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Easter & Wine

Easter Candy + Wine on VAULT29 blog

Spring has arrived! Nothing pairs better with Spring than white clouds sailing high in the blue sky, freshly planted tulips standing tall, Easter, candy, and wine.

Easter is around the corner, and the kids don't have to be the only beneficiaries! With a plethora of candy options abound, why not channel your inner-child and get down with some candy wine pairings? Here's a few to help you get started...

1.  Peeps: Those spongy, yet crunchy, puffy colored sugar-coasted marshmallow chicks are so strange. Strange or not, they sure do go well with a glass of bubbles – Prosecco to be precise.   


2.  Jelly Beans: Jelly beans date back to the days of the Civil War (think Abraham Lincoln, 1860s) where Boston candy maker, William Schrafft, advised people to send soldiers his candy to help them cope with the discomfort of gangrene. In the 1930s is when the wide-spread American candy became associated with Easter. Enough with the history lesson. A dry Riesling is known to pair well with jelly beans.


3.  Cadbury Crème Eggs: These Easter classics consist of a chocolate "egg-shaped" exterior, filled with a gooey yellow and white fondant which resembles the yolk of a chicken egg. Sip on a glass of port or late harvest wine as this type of wine is known to kill the sweetness.


4.  Cadbury Mini Eggs: Hiding in the shadows of the bigger brother, the Cadbury  Creme Egg, is the Cadbury Mini Egg. Once you get past the thin candy-coated pastel shell, you're delighted with solid milk chocolate. Grab a bottle of Merlot and a bag of Mini Eggs and call it a night.


Don't see your favorite candy listed? We'll leave you with this...

Easter is your first real opportunity to break out the rosé! Rosés are versatile wines that adapt well with most foods. So, while you are pondering what to sip with your favorite Easter candy, think pink. Bubbles won’t hurt either. HAPPY EASTER!

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